Jan 30,2013
ElasticPlank's advanced foam is a lightweight foam that consists polyetgylene, which makes it execptionally tough, flexible and durable.

The strength, resilience and flexibility of ElasticPlank's advanced foam allows it be transformed into various complex and intricate forms. Its lightweight construction is resistant to puncturing, flaking, tearing and breaking. In addtiona, packaging made with ElasticPlank's advanced Polyethylene Foam Plank provides superb cushioning and easy handling, while the lightweight properties lower freight and other shipping costs.

As well, we are devoted to protecting the enviroment. We help our clients face their packaging challenges in an efficient and environmentally-friendly way without using CFC or HCFC.

ElasticPlank is superior to other packaging materials because it provides the same protection, but with less material and less harm to the enviroment.